Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Yesenia is Quiet but can be loud along with her children's laughs.
Yesenia may be considered rude but has a warm heart.
Yesenia may look weak but has a strong heart and mind.
Yesenia may be considered foolish but she keeps sending blessings to people that dislike her.
Yesenia may seem boring but has a joyful soul.
Yesenia may not know "stuff" but one thing she loves is learning.
Yesenia may be away but she will return one day.
Yesenia may be missed but she will be seem again.
Yesenia may look lonely but she knows GOD is always with her.
Yesenia may think she's sluggish herself but in the end she know she does a lot.
Yesenia may be here but she travels in her mind.
Yesenia may be turned down by others but she will keep walking upright.
Yesenia may not have many friends but was blessed with a great family.
Yesenia wouldn't let herself die but she will give her life away for her progeny.
Yesenia is now writing but she wishes she was tacitly understood...